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Martin H. Sabag

Product Management




A Bit About Me

Leading Product Management and Product Teams for over 10 years. Experienced in Product management, industry analysis, both inbound- and ‎outbound- marketing. ‏
‏Successfully combines deep technical, marketing, sales, and business/customer ‎understanding.
An energetic, Passionate and Exceptional combination of Technical and Marketing ‎skills.‏
Aim to achieve business success by meeting user needs through the continual planning and execution of digital product solutions while meeting the company's goals and strategy.

Co-Founder of the largest and most reputable internet portal about Consumer Electronics, Audio & Hometheater in Israel - HT Magazine, Social Entrepreneur, Co-Founder of the NGO, Custom Angels.

Mentor for Strategy, Marketing, MVP, Product Design and Business Development for early stages startups and ventures

Specialties: Product Management, Market Fit, Product Strategy, Team management.
IPTV/OTT, VOD, Edu-Tech Travel-tech, Consumer Electronics, Audio & Hometheater specialist.

Projects Experience


Curve Tech - Advisor, Product Management

Curve Tech has developed a proprietary solution that provides eCommerce businesses with accurate sales forecasts, allowing them to take appropriate action, ensuring maximum sales and ROI. Our technology is easy-to-use and designed with the business user in mind. Our decision engine uses machine learning and predictive algorithms to build valuable insights in real time that can be used to take instant action that positively impacts a brand’s bottom line.

Wide Therapy

Wide Therapy - Advisor, Product Management

Wide is a personalized digital platform for children with developmental disability, to help them overcome challenges in a playful, easy and effective way. WiDE is available on any touch screen, is cost-efficient, and allows continuity of treatment between centers, therapists and home.


AcadeMe+ by 9-digital - Advisor, Product Management

AcadeMe+ by 9-Digital offers interactive, ready-to-use, film-based lessons from more than 1,000 Hollywood movies, licensed in collaboration with Hollywood and international film studios. Our interactive lessons, available for remote as well as in-class usage, are developed using an innovative A.I-based film search engine and a team of pedagogical experts, to provide teachers of the 21st century with the finest pedagogical and student-engaging content for all subjects, focused on 21st-century skills. By transforming Hollywood films into effective, engaging educational tools, educators generate students’ critical thinking and can discuss and deconstruct values and perceptions their 21st-century students follow. Licensed by the Israeli ministry of education since 2019, AcadeMe+ services 3,700 schools with 120,000 active teachers.


HT Magazine - Co-Founder, VP Product

HT magazine is the largest Consumer Electronics online magazine in Israel.
Currently it has over 88'000 registered members, with around 350,000 unique visitors per month.
The portal was established in November 2004, together with my colleague, Mr. Ofer LaOr, a video processing specialist (moderator in for over 10 years).
HT Magazine covers all Consumer Electronics related topics by combining a unique combination of 3 pillars: Content (reviews, articles, shootouts, meetups etc.), Community (very active and engaged community of early adopters as well as enthusiasts and mass market), Commerce (Group Buys, Affiliation Deals and marketplace).


Context -  Advisor, Product Management

Context is an app that allows creators to make freestyle content (photos, video and text) and easily sell it directly to small/medium businesses.


Deep Innovations -  Advisor, Product Management

We use advanced video analytics, deep learning and artificial intelligence, to create products that make pools safer and easier to maintain.


Amdocs -  Freelance Consultant to Strategy Team, CTO office, Product Business Group

Consultant to the Strategy Team at the CTO office of AMDOCS, in the area of Pay TV, OTT, NGTV, OVP platforms, market, business models and business development.


Matan Elkobi - Zero Waste

Consultant to product market fit and investment strategy.


Valens - Consultant, Market Research

Valens is a leading provider of semiconductor products, pushing the boundaries of connectivity by enabling long-reach, high-speed video and data transmission for the professional audio-visual and automotive industries. Valens’ Emmy® award-winning HDBaseT technology is the leading standard in the professional AV market with tens of millions of Valens’ chipsets integrated into thousands of HDBaseT-enabled products, including switches, matrixes, displays, projectors, AV receivers, extenders, and more. Valens Automotive is a key enabler of the evolution of autonomous driving, providing the ultra-high-speed solution necessary to connect the growing number of in-vehicle sensors, cameras, radars, and lidars. The automotive chipsets are on the road in premium vehicles around the world, and the underlying technology has been selected to become the basis for the new international standard for automotive connectivity. Founded in 2006, Valens is based in Tel Aviv, Israel with offices in the US, Europe and Asia.


HOT - Consultant, Product Strategy 

HOT is a group of communication companies that offers customers a great variety of communication services, including multi-channel television, fast internet infrastructure with a speed of 200 Mb, advanced fixed line telephone services, ISP (internet provider) services – via subsidiary company HOTnet, and cellular connection services – via subsidiary company HOT mobile. In addition, the company provides international communication services including long-distance calls for fixed and mobile lines - via subsidiary company HOT 017. HOT has 872,000 subscribers of multi-channel television that constitute about 60% of the multi-channel television market share. The company has about 740,000 internet subscribers that represent more than 40% of the market share, and about 680,000 fixed telephone lines. Even before HOT mobile launching, the company was previously called “Mirs” and listed more than 430,000 clients. HOT provides services for a total of approximately 1.3 million households in Israel.


PharmAssist - Consultant, Product Strategy

Consumer's Empowerment for better Consumer's Wellness!
• PharmAssist empowers the consumers to self-care for minor ailments with OTC drugs, and


HT Magazine - Co-Founder, VP Product

HT magazine is the largest Consumer Electronics online magazine in Israel.
Currently it has over 88'000 registered members, with around 350,000 unique visitors per month.
The portal was established in November 2004, together with my colleague, Mr. Ofer LaOr, a video processing specialist (moderator in for over 10 years).
HT Magazine covers all Consumer Electronics related topics by combining a unique combination of 3 pillars: Content (reviews, articles, shootouts, meetups etc.), Community (very active and engaged community of early adopters as well as enthusiasts and mass market), Commerce (Group Buys, Affiliation Deals and marketplace).

IDF Intelligence

IDF 8200 - Mentor, Product Management

Product Management mentoring and lecturing.


ELTA Systems - Consultant, Lecturer

Technical writing, lecturing and training

Mentoring / Volunteering Experience

April 2021 - Today


Custom Angels (NGO) - Co-Founder, CEO

Custom Angels is a registered association (RA 580723666) which was established, as a voluntary activity, from the Custom Life fb community, the largest community of heavy motorcycle riders and enthusiasts in Israel, in order to accompany children who have experienced, or are experiencing, violence of any kind. We are parents, uncles, friends, who want to provide our children and our loved ones with a sense of security, protection, empowerment and a safe environment to be in. We will provide them with accompaniment, as a group or as mentors, we will come to special events where children may feel lonely or alienated (boycott), support them so that they do not feel vulnerable or victims of bullying, physical or online, or in short, we will be the big brothers and sisters they need.


October 2018 - Today

Product League - Mentor

Product League is a 4 month mentoring program for experienced PMs with at least two years in Product Management, by veterans from the domain. With mentors and mentees in 30 countries around the world, we enable Product professionals to enhance not only their hard skills but also their communication, leadership, and inclusiveness skills. As the most trusted Product Management mentoring program, we help mentors and mentees to level up their product-game together. With our proprietary matching algorithm, online and offline events, eLearning platform, and thriving community, you can set your career to success, too.

July 2016 - Today

AFEX - Afeka College of Engineering - Mentor

The flagship program of the college in the field of entrepreneurship. The program helps participants promote personal entrepreneurship with a technological base, and turn their idea into a venture. In the program, the principles of the entrepreneurial process are learned and practiced, through professional guidance and a supportive entrepreneurial-social environment. The program includes guest lectures, personal mentoring by experienced industry professionals as well as linking and opening doors to relevant parties. The program is open to teams where at least one team member is a student, graduate or faculty member of the college. The program consists of weekly 4-hour meetings, in the afternoon, for about 3 months during the summer. The outstanding teams are awarded prizes worth thousands of shekels, a gift from the sponsors of the program.


May 2020 - August 2020

MaofTech Afula & Nof-Galil - Mentor

MaofTech Afula is the first technology entrepreneurship accelerator of its kind in the city, which was established in 2019 by the Agency for Small and Medium Businesses in the Ministry of Economy and Industry and is operated by the MaofTech field array in collaboration with the local authorities and professional managers selected to operate the program.
The purpose of the program is to respond to technological entrepreneurs in national priority areas and to allow entrepreneurs to develop their startup towards raising their first money.
The program was established in order to bridge the existing gap between the startup scene and high-tech companies in the center of the country and national priority areas throughout the country that lack this type of activity. The goals of the program, among others, are to promote and create a technological entrepreneurial ecosystem while holding activities in the community, supporting the entrepreneurs themselves and bringing investors and stakeholders to areas of national priority.


April 2019 - July 2019

Slovakia Accelerator -  Lecturer, Mentor

A unique accelerator created with Slovakia's embassy and Israeli startup echo system.  A 2 month program of 11 Slovak Startups.


IDF Air Force Accelerator - Mentor, Product Management

Accelerator Program mentoring in the Air Force, IDF.

Work Experience

Sep 2019 - Today


Fornova - VP Products

Fornova empowers the global travel and hospitality industry to optimize distribution, generate demand and maximize revenue by delivering best-in-class, data-driven Business Intelligence solutions.

Our clients include most of the world’s top 10 largest hotel groups, the biggest global OTAs, hundreds of smaller brands and independent hotels, as well as car rental companies and booking sites. Our solutions enable their entire organization (from revenue and distribution to sales, e-Commerce and operations) to make better decisions faster, navigate through changing market environments and stay ahead of the competition.

We track 100,000 hotel, OTA, metasearch & car rental websites every day, and using our patented technology we monitor 1.25 Billion rates from over 70 different countries (Points of Sale) every month.

In 2020 we celebrated 10 years in business, having grown to 200 team members based in 10 countries across 4 continents.

March 2018 - September 2019


Enabley (formerly Time To Know) - Director Product Management

Time To Know (T2K), the next-generation training platform, reshapes the way organizations deliver training to achieve better business results. T2K for Business training platform delivers training with easy content creation, engaging learning experience, and real-time recommendations.
With more than a decade of Ed-Tech experience and expertise, T2K for Business training platform is trusted by top organizations to deliver effective training and take their training from average to excellent.
Among the benefits T2K brings to its customers are shorter training time, reduced training costs, increased revenues, and improved productivity.
By utilizing T2K’s data analytics reports and BI tool, organizations can make impactful data-driven decisions and make significant steps in growing their businesses.

December 2012 - March 2018


Vonetize (IPO) - Head of Product

With the growth and expansion of Vonetzie, I've focused my expertise and efforts to managing all aspects of Vonetize's product.

As the Head of Product, I'm responsible for all product-related matters. From the UX/UI of the front end applications on numerous platforms (Smart TVs, Smartphones and Tablets, STBs, Game Consoles etc.), through the CMS (Content Management System), CRM, Content preparation and ingestion platforms to the billing and reporting systems and integration with various 3rd party services and platforms.
I'm responsible for the product conception and development, production in general, innovation and product management. I work on the product strategy as well as adaptation of the core product to different needs and services the company has.

As the Head of Product I'm responsible for both product planning and product marketing. This includes:
- managing the product throughout the product life cycle, gathering and prioritizing product and customer requirements, defining the product vision, and working closely with R&D, to deliver winning products. It also includes working with sales, marketing and support to ensure revenue and customer satisfaction goals are met. As Product Manager, my job also includes ensuring that the product and marketing efforts support the company’s overall strategy and goals.
Among other responsibilities as the Product Leader :
 Define the product strategy and road map.
 Deliver MRDs and PRDs with prioritized features and corresponding justification.
 -“Own” the product’s user experience and feature set and act as the product evangelist to build
awareness within the organization.
 Work with external third parties to assess partnerships and licensing opportunities.
 Develop the core positioning and messaging for the product.
 Perform product demos to customers & Partners.
 Set pricing to meet revenue and profitability goals.
 Deliver a monthly revenue forecast.
 Act as a leader within the company.

June 2009 - January 2012


intoaTV - Co-Founder, VP PRoduct & Marketing

intoatv's goal is to deliver a complete solution to the house entertainment needs, simple yet, innovative. Our product, the intoatv entertainment system combines and manages all the digital media present in the modern house controlling it trough an equable intuitive user interface. Intoatv’s entertainment system integrates the web on the TV in a unique way like no other, enriching the experience of existing media collection and opening a channel to the endless online media world. Intoatv started developing the intoatv entertainment system in 2007 and went out of stealth mode at the HT Show 2011, which took place in June 2011.

December 2005 - August 2008

Quality By Vision - VP - Service Manager

Quality By Vision Ltd. is a privately owned company, specializing in the development and manufacturing of advanced Q/A (Quality Assurance) metrology and gauging equipment. Our primary focus is on optical, laser and chemical metrology for the food canning and packaging industries - Can Makers, and Can Fillers, as well as suppliers to this industry. Our products allow manufacturers to dramatically improve and monitor the quality of products coming out of their production lines. In addition, we help companies verify they are getting high quality supplies (e.g., Seaming Rolls, Tin and chrome coated Ferrum, three-piece cans with one closed side, etc.) for use within their production lines.
Our solutions range from general Quality Assurance and SPC (Statistical Process Control) to dedicated process-control monitoring systems.


December 2000 - December 2005

Nova - Site Manager (Ireland)

Managed every aspect of Nova's business at the customer's (Intel IFO Ireland) site.
Anything from Maintenance, retrofits, training and up to sales and upgrades.


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