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What Is The Difference Between Being Data-Driven vs Data-Intuitive Product Manager?

Which one should you be?

Data Driven vs Data Intuitive
Data Driven vs Data Intuitive

Being a data-driven product manager means basing decisions on data and evidence rather than relying on gut feelings or personal opinions. This approach involves regularly gathering and analyzing data to inform product decisions, such as which features to build, how to price a product, or which markets to target. Data-driven product managers may use tools such as A/B testing, customer surveys, and analytics software to gather data, and they may work closely with data analysts or data scientists to interpret and understand the data.

On the other hand, being a data-intuitive product manager means relying on intuition and experience to make product decisions. This approach involves using past experiences, industry knowledge, and personal judgment to guide product decisions. Data-intuitive product managers may not rely as heavily on data and analytics, but they may still gather and consider data when making decisions.

Both approaches have their strengths and weaknesses. Being data-driven can help product managers make more informed, objective decisions that are backed by evidence, but it may also take longer to gather and analyze data, which can slow down the decision-making process. Being data-intuitive can allow product managers to make quick decisions based on their experience and knowledge, but it may also lead to more subjective or biased decisions.

Ultimately, the best approach for a product manager will depend on the specific context and needs of their organization and product. Some product managers may prefer a more data-driven approach, while others may rely more on their intuition and experience. It's important for product managers to find the right balance between these two approaches, and to use data and intuition in combination to make informed, effective decisions.

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