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I help companies build the best product organizations, up-skill product managers and product leaders to make products that deliver both great value to the customers and meet the company's business goals. My philosophy is to focus on 3 important questions - "Is the problem we are solving big?", "Why are we building this?" and "Is the business viable?" 

PM Labs

Through Product Management Labs, I consult companies both large and small to help implement great Product Management. I have helped organizations to build product management teams and processes. I help source and recruit the right team members, from juniors to CPOs/VPs and implement best practices in product strategy, product operations and org design.

Keynote Speaker

The topic of Product Management is very dynamic. As a keynote speaker, I always try to inspire as well as to inform, thus touch on theory as well as practical takeaways. I'm a story-teller and always blend a lot of know-how from my experiences and little bit of humor.

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Product Market Fit

"An entrepreneur is someone who jumps off a cliff and assembles a plane on the way down", Reid Hoffman.
This means, one of the most important tasks of a startup and any product team is to find the market-fit, before running out of funding. I help companies line the goals, come up with product hypothesizes, get feedback from customers, make small bets with MVP's, evaluate market traction, repeat.


I teach the field course and intro course in Product Management 101 to students and entrepreneurs in various Universities, Colleges and Accelerators 


Through mentoring, online lectures, simulations and discussion sessions, I build a connection with the product manager, novice or experienced, to improve their game and navigate through their career path together.

Entrepreneurship Labs

I work with founding teams and individuals of startups and projects. The goal is help entrepreneurs validate the idea and business model. Network with investors, customers and potential collaborators. Establish the right methodologies, right from the start and especially apply product management strategies and practices.  


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